Recital Night!

Tonight is dance recital night for the studio. Months of work have all been leading up to tonight for the students and now it is their time to shine. You’d be surprised at how many clichés I can throw into one sentence. I’ve got more but I’ll spare you and get back to the recital. This time around, I’ve got two classes performing. One hip-hop class and one salsa class. I liked teaching both classes, honestly. They have been two of the more talented groups I’ve worked with. They made my job easy. Everything should be fine, right?

Of course now I am wondering if maybe it was easy for a reason, like I wasn’t paying enough attention. Maybe they weren’t as good as I think and I was just being lazy or seeing what I wanted to see. Can that happen? Oh man! We’re going to be terrible! Wait a second, I have the dress rehearsals recorded on my phone. Let me go check those for a second.

Alright, I am back. The dress rehearsals looked fine. I watched each class through twice and I didn’t see anything that wasn’t supposed to happen. I don’t know why I am getting so worked up. I’m not the one performing. And even if I was, I survived plenty of them as a dancer without major incident. I I have also been teaching long enough that I have a few of these under my belt. Nothing terrible has ever happened before, so I don’t know what my problem is. Besides, if the choreography looks bad, I can always blame Janine – until I get my performing arts degree, she’s the one who develops the routines. I just teach them.

I am not being completely honest about that. I would actually feel really bad if my students did not do a good job and I would take a lot of the responsibility. There will be family in the audience with recording devices. And I would rather not have them walk away tonight thinking that they’ve been paying good money for lessons to have their loved one look ridiculous on stage. I also know that they tell everyone who teaches each class is in the program. That means if my students look terrible, people will look in the program and see my name. That means less people will sign up for my classes. That means less students and less money for me. Okay, so that is a reason to feel nervous, right? My livelihood is apparently at stake here and I didn’t even realize it until right at this very moment.

Wait a minute, I was writing this post to keep myself busy and help me avoid a freak-out, not talk myself into one. This has spiraled pretty quickly. I had better quit before I make things any worse. Talk to you soon.