Lunch Break Routine

Being a dancer and a dance teacher means that your work hours may be unusual and defy the traditional 9-5 routine. Sometimes, if I have some additional gigs, I might work until past midnight, or, other times, I may have only one or two classes that day and finish with work in the early afternoon – it’s kind of random, really. There is one constant, however, and that is being in the studio every day and teaching dance to other people, and I really enjoy the time I spend with my students.

And even though my schedule is not fixed, I found that the one thing that really keeps me grounded is to spend my lunch break – whenever that is – doing things I enjoy, being mindful, and just using the time wisely, you know? And this is especially important on busy days as it helps me face the challenges later in the day.

So, what I like to do on my lunch break is to first change into fresh clothes, and of course, have a big gulp of water – gotta replenish the body! I fix my hair, grab my bag and head to a nearby restaurant or a cafe, and sometimes the cafeteria in my studio, depending on what I’m in the mood for that day.

I try to always eat differently, but never leave out the macros and the essential nutrients my body needs, and always, always drink enough water. There is a pretty good selection of food nearby, they’re mostly laid back places with a good atmosphere, and the staff knows me, so, I’m comfortable there. Well, I kind of had a mishap in Lava Java a couple of weeks ago. I thought I’d dropped a valuable earring in the restroom bowl and alerted the staff, then later I found it inside my hoodie when I was changing. I was so embarrassed! I did apologize afterward, but still…

Because my lunch break can sometimes be pretty long, like two hours before I have the next class, I sometimes pull out a book, and read a chapter or two during my break – I’m currently enjoying this one. Sometimes I like to listen to some podcasts, or catch up on my favorite bloggers – just whatever feels right at that moment. I often have a coffee before I head back to the studio for a quick stretch before class and by then I already feel all set to seize the second part of the day.

That’s it for now and see you back at the studio! Xx