It Was a Cold Morning

I usually get up in the morning in a great mood. I feel like dancing about my apartment to get my circulation going and ready my mind for the day ahead. Sometimes when it is cold, I hesitate to leave the warm comfort of bed, but then…duty calls. I have obligations. One time, I recall that when the water heater failed to do its job, I couldn’t take a hot shower. I had been dancing the night away the evening before and went to bed exhausted, and a bit sweaty. No way could I leave the house in this state in the morning. I hit the darn tank hard hoping for a miracle.

Yes, I hate cold mornings. I trotted down a floor in fuzzy slippers and a robe to find the super to fix the naughty appliance. I couldn’t leave until he finished. I watched every step. Boy, did I learn a lot about hot water heaters. I can now name all the elements and recite all the functions of the valves, the thermostat, and the tank capacity. He mumbled all kinds of things as he worked about the more superior tankless models and why the building should get one. He didn’t have to convince me. I told him he could count on me to support his suggestion. It wasn’t just to make money on the installation; he truly knew the value of modern technology.

It is the same with dance shoes. New and better methods of construction have enabled dancers to glide around the floor with flexible soles and extra tight stitching. There is more support than ever before whether you do ballroom, tap, or ballet. Let’s hear it for technology.