A New Assignment

So Zumba is still a thing that people do and now they’re not content to just take classes at the gym like any other fitness craze. People have been asking for them at the studio too. It also means my boss Janine decided we are going to start offering it. And by “we,” she meant me, because her classically-trained body doesn’t need any Zumba. Those are her words, not mine.

I am used to Janine by now so I didn’t take any offense. Instead, I made her buy me some Zumba dvds and pay for me to take the official class required for me to get the teaching license. I’m sure I could have just watched some videos online and come up with a similar style of class that wasn’t official and it would have been much cheaper. However, when someone else is bankrolling you and it is their name over the door, there is some integrity that you want to maintain and some advantage that you need to take.

It turns out that it was a lot of fun! If you’ve been living under a rock like Janine and don’t know what Zumba is, it is a Latin-inspired dance workout. It’s aerobics but with a much better music track. It is supposed to be fun and fast-paced, burning calories but feeling more like a party than a workout.

I took to it pretty well and I am excited to bring it to the studio. The first four classes went up on the calendar for next month and two have already sold out. I am pretty excited about that – both in terms of the challenge and the improvement to my bank account! And, since I am the only official instructor at the studio, that means if the classes do well, there will be more on the schedule and they’ll be mine too.

It is going to be a little different than a normal class, I think. One of the big Zumba selling points is that you don’t have to be a good dancer to do it, because the whole point really is burning calories. So you can just sort of flail around and you’re technically getting a workout, which means it’s all good. However, this is a dance studio. Most people coming here consider themselves good dancers or they have taken some salsa or merengue classes already. They’re not going to be satisfied just flailing around. I can’t tell if that is going to make my life easier or harder, to be honest. But the plan is to teach the easier steps, move to the harder steps, break down a routine and then perform it at the end of class. Basically what I do every time. Why mess with something that’s working for you, right? The steps and music will be different but everything else will feel the same.

Well, I am off to watch some youtube and get some step ideas and music options for my first class. Wish me luck!