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May 14, 2012

INTRO TO SALSA: Stationary Right Turn

First watch and follow along with Erika from the tutorial.

The Stationary Right Turn is also known as a Two'O Clock right turn. You do not need a partner to learn this step.

TIP: Stay on the balls of your feet and keep your heels off the floor.

TIP: Notice how Erika keeps her steps in a straight line.

TIP: It makes a difference to have the right shoes. It will be difficult to do this move with shoes that grip the floor. Try to find a pair of shoes that have a flat sole that you can easily turn in. You can also practice at home with a pair socks but ideally a salsa turn should be performed with a beautiful pair of salsa shoes. Ladies, why not give yourself a excuse to spoil yourself a bit and go shoe shopping. You will need to get a pair of Ballroom shoes sooner or later. Every kind of activity usually is accompanied with some kind of equipment: A boxer needs gloves, yoga requires a mat, and every salsa dancer needs a good pair of dance shoes. Some places you can check out online are Capezio - Burju - Danceshoesstore.com. A affordable pair of can be had at $50-60 and higher end shoes can go for well over $100

PRACTICE: Take at few minutes to just repeat this move and combine it with the basic step from the previous lesson.

SOURCE: Expert Village
Erika Caliente
STUDIO: Salsa Caliente

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