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May 16, 2012

INTRO TO SALSA: Inside Turns Exercise for Followers

Watch how the woman in the video above performs the inside without having to hold her partners hand for support. Once he sends her into the turn, she is able to execute all of the steps on her own. By learning to do this turn without your partner, you will learn to rely on yourself for balance and generate your own power for the spin. Do not become to overly dependent on the leader. You must develop your own balance and momentum. You can refer once again to this frame by frame breakdown below or the video above for the footwork

PRACTICE: Start by practicing your inside turn by yourself without a partner by doing a basic into a inside turn into a basic into into a inside turn and repeat.

PRACTICE: Once you've become comfortable with the above sequence, try to add the cross body footwork into your practice routine by doing a basic into a cross body lead into a inside turn and repeat.

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