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May 14, 2012

INTRO TO SALSA: Basic Step with a Partner

First watch and follow along with Erika and Jorge from the tutorial.

Now we'll show you the basic step with a dance partner. If you don't have a partner to practice with just watch the tutorial for now. It will help you understand how this step is suppose to look when two people do it together. If after watching this tutorial and you feel like you want to try this step out with a partner, come take a class with us. We'll pair you up with other beginners like yourself and rotate partners through out the class as your learn the basics together.

TIP: Notice that Jorge is using his frame to support his partner Erika.

TIP: Notice how the partners move along a straight line.

PRACTICE: Even if you don't have a partner, you can still practice through "shadow dancing" which is to imagine you have a partner and to do the moves as if you are dancing with a real life partner. It may feel a little strange at first but who cares. It is a really effective way to get better and a important skill to learn.
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SOURCE: Expert Village
Erika Caliente & Jorge Burgos
STUDIO: Salsa Caliente

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