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December 26, 2013

No Class on Labor Day Weekend. We are closed from
8/29 to 9/1. Classes resume Tuesday 9/2.

HIP HOP: Get Your Swag on with Hot Choreo & Fresh Moves NYC Dance Classes These classes are taught by the members of the RiSE Exhibition Team who actively perform and participate in regional Hip Hop competitions. Our drop-in format makes it easy for students to jump in at anytime. Every class aims to educate with hot music and fresh moves.

SINGLE CLASS - $13 - Buy Now ($16 at the door)
5 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $60 - Buy Now
10 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $110 - Buy Now

Level 1 Beginner: TUES 7:00pm - THU 6:30pm - FRI 6:00pm
Level 2 Intermediate: TUES 7:00pm & THU 6:30pm

SALSA: Learn NYC's Hottest Form of Social DanceDance Classes NYC
Go to any salsa club in New York City and you're guaranteed to run into a salsa dancer who learned with RiSE. We pride ourselves on having a great salsa program that equips our students with the skills they need to become part of NYC's vibrant social dance scene.

SINGLE CLASS - $15 - Buy Now ($17 at the door)
5 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $70 - Buy Now
10 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $130 - Buy Now

Level 1 Beginner: TUES 8:00pm - THU 7:30pm - FRI 8:00pm
Level 2 Advanced Beginner: TUES 8:00pm & FRI 8:00pm
Level 3 Intermediate: THU 7:30pm

ZUMBA: Join the Party and Dance Yourself into Shape!New York City Dance Lesson
Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, dance-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that's moving people all over the world toward joy and health. This is quite possibly the most fun you will ever have working out. Forget the gym, once you start to Zumba, you won't be able to stop.

SINGLE CLASS - $13 - Buy Now ($16 at the door)
5 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $60 - Buy Now
10 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $110 - Buy Now

Zumba with Ivana: MON 6:30pm & THUR 7:00pm
Zumba with Sharisse: TUES 6:00pm
Zumba with Lauren: WEDS 6:30pm
Zumba with Lily Ann: FRI 7:00pm
Zumba with Kamaye: SAT 11:00am

BELLY DANCE: Discover an Ancient Graceful ArtDance Lessons New York
Belly Dance improves flexibility, stamina, and control. Learn to isolate the individual movements of your body to move with grace and elegance. The added benefit of exercise combined with inner relaxation will leave you feeling great after each class.

SINGLE CLASS - $13 - Buy Now ($16 at the door)
5 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $60 - Buy Now
10 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $110 - Buy Now

Level 1 Beginner: MON 8:00pm - WED 7:30pm - SAT 2:00pm


  1. Am 55 yrs old but feel wonderful am just 30 pds overweight do u think I would be able to keep up I live on the 5 th floor and I go up and down the stairs two to three time a day

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  3. I want to take a hip hop class today, is there a.number I can call?