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May 15, 2012

INTRO TO SALSA - Open Breaks

First watch and follow along with Eddie from the video tutorial.

The open break is a move that you will learn on the first day of any salsa class. The open break indicates to the follower that you are about to initiate a turn. A simple analogy comes from driving. It is proper etiquette to first flip your turn signals on to let other drivers on the road know that you wish to make a turn. When it comes to salsa dancing, your open break is like a turn signal to your partner and lets her know that you are about to turn her. You will see this principle illustrated in the next lesson.

PRACTICE: You do not need a partner to practice the open break footwork. Make sure you are able to do the open break with your basic step. Try repeating the following sequence over and over again:

Basic - Open Break - Basic - Open Break - Basic

SOURCE: Expert Village
Eddie & Maria
STUDIO: DF Dance Studio

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