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May 20, 2009

RiSE Team Responsibilities

Chief Program Director
- Makes key decisions about policy and strategy
- Handles the business operations such as marketing, and financial matters
- Shapes the organizational design to create a work culture that drives our teams to fulfill our mission and express our core values

Administrative Assistant
- Provides support for instructors, students, and program directors
- Handles sign-in
- Keeps accurate records and necessary filing
- Stores and manages equipment, supplies, and inventory
- Assists lead instructors with teaching classes
- Helps demo the choreography with lead instructors
- Continues to develop his or her abilities as a dancer in order to better support the instructors and help students

Assistant Program Director
- Supports the program director in the day to day operations
- Works with the lead instructors to make sure all classes of their program run smoothly and are adequately staffed
- Gives constructive feedback to members of the team so that they can perform more effectively
- Facilitate when necessary in order to keep the team on track so and make decisions efficiently
- Manage the private lesson requests and make sure every customer has been followed up with by a instructor
- Oversee/organize special events
- Works with the administrative assistant to make sure all paid instructors are compensated properly

Apprentice & Lead Instructors
- Teaches the classes in a manner that challenges students but also at a pace that they can keep up with
- Makes sure the choreography is prepared at appropriate difficulty for the students of that level
- Trains with the student instructors and mentors less experienced peers
- Motivate and inspire his or her peers to innovate and create
- Continues to develop his/her talents to reach higher levels of mastery through training and independent projects
- Keeps an eye out for students who display potential and may recruit them as new members to the student team after discussing with the other instructors

Student Instructors
- Work with lead instructor on choreography
- Help the lead instructor demo choreography in the class
- Lead or assist with warm-ups
- Continues to develop his/her talents to reach higher levels of mastery through training with lead instructors and participation in independent projects

All member of the RiSE team are expected to:
- Socialize with our students and make them feel welcomed
- Answer student questions in a friendly manner when they need help
- Work with students if they request some one-on-one help
- Take the initiative to help students who need help without being asked
- Take the initiative to support members of the team without being asked
* Salsa instructors should ask students to dance during practice time

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