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May 16, 2012

Start Learning How to Dance Salsa Today

Salsa is made up of three components - Partnerwork, Shines and Styling. Most of us understand the partnerwork aspect of salsa. It's is when the leader and follower dance together. This aspect of salsa involves a lot of signals from the leader resulting in the follower executing various turns.

Shines are the solo/freestyle component of salsa based on footwork sequences. Either the leader will allow the follower a moment to "shine" or both the leader and the follower will momentarily let go of each other to shine.

Styling is the aspect of salsa that gives it flavor. All the body/hip movements, arm extensions and hair whips that make salsa so sexy are considered styling.

*Difficulty Levels:
BASIC - Basic moves that are considered relatively easy
BEG - Beginner moves that are for those who have learned their basics
MOD - Moderate difficulty requiring a strong foundation in Level 1
INT - Intermediate difficulty meant for experienced students and dancers
ADV - Advanced diffiuclty for those with extensive training

LEVEL 1 - INTRO TO SALSA (Partnerwork) Difficulty
Lesson 1: The Basic Step footwork for Leaders BASIC
The Basic Step footwork for Followers BASIC
The Basic Step Together with a Partner BASIC
Lesson 2: Cross Body Lead footwork for Leaders BASIC
Cross Body Lead footwork for Followers BASIC
Cross Body Together with a Partner BASIC
Lesson 3: Open Break for Leaders BASIC
Right Turn for Followers BEG
Open Break Right Turn with a Partner BEG
Lesson 4: Leaders Right Turn BEG
Followers Right with Leaders Right Combo BEG
Lesson 5: Leaders Left Turn BEG
Leaders Left Turn with Followers Right Combo BEG
Lesson 6: Outside Turn for Followers BASIC
Outside Turn with a Partner BASIC
Lesson 7: Inside Turns Broken Down BEG
Inside Turn Exercise for Follower BEG
Lesson 8: Traveling Right Turn for Followers BEG
Traveling Right Turns with a Partner BEG
Lesson 9: Review of all moves + Level 1 Combo MOD

Lesson 1: Basic Hip Movement for Men & Women BEG
Lesson 2: Basic Arms for Followers BEG
  Arm Styling for Followers BEG
Lesson 3: Shoulder Rolls for Leaders BEG
  Shoulder Rolls for Followers BEG
Lesson 4: Body Roll for Leaders BEG
  Body Roll for Followers BEG

LEVEL 2 - ADVANCED BEGINNER (Partnerwork) Difficulty
Lesson 1: Copa Part 1 MOD
  Copa Part 2 MOD
Copa Variations MOD
Lesson 2: The Basket MOD
Lesson 3: The Butterfly MOD
Lesson 4: Walkaround MOD
Lesson 5: Frisbee Turn MOD
Lesson 6: Around The World Part 1 MOD
Around The World Part 2 MOD
Lesson 7: The Walkaround MOD
Lesson 8: Spinning Part 1 INT
Spinning Part 2 INT


  1. Your videos are so good, congratulations! I'm mexican nd I love salsa! Most of the times, when you search videotutorials you find patterns, but almost never find explanations as yours. It's little difficult I can join to your team lol, but I promisse I'll be checking constantly your website and yous channel on youtube. I hope you can upload more tutorials of advanced steps, hand tricks and complete patterns. Well, I thinks it's everything, thanks once again and seeya!

  2. Just took the Friday night class for the first time and I invited a friend who hasn't exercised in almost a decade. Jessica was a great instructor--high energy but also easy to follow. I sweat more than I have in awhile and look forward to next Friday's class. Thanks!

  3. I want to go! It's great that I won't need to bring a partner. I work long hours with an NYC catering company and won't have time to bring along a friend. See you soon!

  4. I have learned many turn patterns and techniques to improve my Salsa dancing in a very short time with the online tutorials. Big thanks to Todd and all the others.

    Dance on!


  5. Your videos are great for anyone, like me, who's having a hard time getting to classes. Obviously, it's better to be in class. Unfortunately, many of the links don't work or the videos are no longer there. Maybe that's by design, but if not, it would be great to have the links/videos. Thanks in advance!