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July 16, 2009

Learn to Spin in Two Weeks

If you are going to learn to spin, only practicing during classes is just not enough. It is a very technical skill that requires a period of serious training. Commit yourself to doing spinning drills 15 minutes every day and you can learn to double spins in two or three weeks. This process could take years if you only practice it during your salsa classes. It's like riding bike, once you learn to spin, you won't forget it because it is muscle memory. If you are willing to put in the handwork at the beginning, you'll be able to sit back and cruise through spins for the rest of your salsa dancing days.


WEEK 1: Do the spin drill in the video above for 15 minutes a day. Start with just half a spin. You'll find it'll take some time to get your balance so be patient and don't get too far ahead of yourself. Do this 8 times to the left then 8 times to the right. Then do a full 360 single turn, then do 1.5 turns. Make sure to do 8 spins to the left and 8 spins to the right for each of these. Make sure you spin on the balls of your feet and spin on only one foot, use the shoulders to prep.

Watch the video above for reference as well as Julie Merills' video on spinning:

WEEK 2: You should be feeling pretty comfortable with those 1.5 turns by now especially if you did not miss a single day of doing those drills. Now I want you to start the drill with one full turn each way, then do 1.5 turns, then do 2 spins. Do 8 spins each way.

Then practice doing a cross body lead inside turn into a prep into 1.5 turns. Make sure that as your going around, your form looks just like Julies' from her spinning video.

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