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July 13, 2009

The Do's & Dont's of Salsa

Ladies & Gentlemen, follow these simple rules when dancing with a partner and they will be glad that they danced with you.

RULES for Leaders -
1. ALWAYS PREP the girl for spins. DO NOT spin her with out a prepping her properly
3. MAKE HER LOOK GOOD and you'll look good. A gentleman puts their partner first
3. PROPER TENSION and frame. A good lead should be both firm and gentle
4. IT IS NEVER HER FAULT. Advanced dancers know how to dance with the pros as well as lead the girls with zero salsa experience

RULES for Followers -
1. DO NOT LEAD. Despite being the most obvious rule, giving up control is still not easy
2. DO NOT ANTICIPATE. Following is not about predicting his next move
3. PROPER TENSION in the arms and shoulders is what allows you to feel where he wants to lead you
4. KEEP YOUR HANDS HIGH and above the waist at all times. Don't let them get in the way of his lead.
5. PREP YOUR SPINS and always be ready to be spun at a moments notice
6. KEEP SPINNING. Don't stop yourself. Your suppose to keep spinning...until he stops you

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