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May 18, 2009

The Straight Jacket Maneuver

Gil Flores
STUDIO: Unknown

I know the video quality is crappy but this is the only tutorial I know of that demonstrates how to do this amazing move.

1. It can be difficult to complete this move if the follower's arm is longer than the leader's. If this is the case, let go of her hand momentarily when bringing the arm around. As long as you guide her into this move, she should have enough of a signal to know that her arm needs to end in a hammerlock position.
2. Guys, make sure to move with her as you are bringing the arm around to avoid making this move uncomfortable for your partner.
3. Ladies, help the leaders out with this one. Don't make him drag your arm behind your back. Do some of the work for him.
4. Ladies, do not flex your arm when being lead into the straight jacket. Having too much tension in the arms is the most common mistake many inexperienced followers make with this move.

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