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May 30, 2009

Double Right Spin

SOURCE: Expert Village
Eddie Santos & Maria Ivanova
STUDIO: DF Latin Dance Studio
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Ever wonder how those cool double spins are done? This lesson makes for a great introduction. Spinning is an art unto itself and requires technique + practice. It is one of the hardest salsa dance skills to master. I always have a lot of admiration for people who make multiple spins look easy.

Leaders, pay close attention to the way Eddie preps Maria especially the arm motion leading up to the spin. A clear prep signals to the follower that you are about to spin her and gives her time to prep her spin. Also watch carefully how Eddie traces a small circular halo over Maria's head. Proper spin technique requires the leader to be precise about how the man leads the girl during the spin otherwise she will not have the proper support or power to complete a double turn.

Followers, watch how Maria turns her body and swivels back and forth during the prep. Notice how she keeps her free arm close to her body as she comes around. She keeps her other arm at a 90 degree angle with her elbow in and lined up with the bottom of her chin. She keeps her eyes on her partner as she spins and whips her head around towards the end of each turn. This is called spotting and helps prevent dizziness.

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