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May 17, 2009

Basic Steps With A Partner

SOURCE: Expert Village
Erika Occhipinti
STUDIO: Salsa Caliente Tampa
LESSON NUMBER 1: Basic Steps With A Partner
NEXT LESSON: Single Right Turn

Mastering the basic step will be the first key step to developing proper technique and timing in salsa. Your spins and partnerwork techniques will be executed in sync with the rhythm of the music once you have mastered your basic. Think of the basic step as the drummer in a band. It keeps you and your partner on time.

I encourage you to practice these steps at home but it goes with out saying that online instruction is no substitute for real time studio instruction. The purpose of these video tutorials is to be a supplement for studio lessons and not a replacement. There are many finer elements of the basic step such as the Cuban hip motion and arm work that are difficult to teach through video. What you get in a class that you don't get online is invaluable feedback from your instructor and the opportunity practice with other students. I hope this video will get your feet moving but make sure to get the proper training by stopping by my salsa class.

Salsa music is played in 4/4 time and has 4 beats to the measure or bar. The basic step happens with in 2 measures or 8 counts.

Because of the pause on the 4th and 8th counts, salsa has a rhythmic feel of slow, quick, slow, - slow, quick, slow,

The salsa basic dance step is danced in closed position with the man facing the woman.

1. The Leader takes the follower's right hand with his left hand.
2. The leader places his right hand on the followers back.
3. The follower places her left hand on the leaders shoulder.
4. The leader and the follower keep their chin up and maintain eye contact.

Enjoy the step by step video tutorial I made of the basic salsa dance steps. Also if you haven't already, make sure to enroll in salsa classes so you have the experience of doing the basic with different partners.

The first 8 steps every beginner needs know. You will see these basic moves at every salsa club, party and social. Master "The Mambo Ocho" for a proper foundation to becoming a incredible dancer.

First developed by Todd Chen, director and founder of the NYC Salsa Dance Company in Manhattan. The Mambo Ocho is a series of 8 beginner steps that form the core of the dance company's class curriculum. A proven program that has helped hundreds of beginner students with little or no dance experience become skilled Salseros.

Lesson 1: The Basic Step
Lesson 2: Single Right Turn
Lesson 3: The Cross Body Lead (CBL)
Lesson 4: Open Break
Lesson 5: Copa Check
Lesson 6: Spot Turn AKA Walkaround
Lesson 7: CBL Inside/Inline Turn
Lesson 8: 360 Cross Body

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