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February 21, 2009

You are the embodiment of this dance company's values as an instructor of R.i.S.E. We set the bar very high when it comes to those who represent the R.i.S.E. name and have the privilege of serving our students and audiences.

At RiSE we want to make sure our students receive the best in dance education. Our instructors are directly responsible for shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation. They lead our students by example in their own passion to learn.


Student - Typically a student who has displayed potential is invited to train with our instructor team and volunteers with classes. He or she can take classes with R.i.S.E. and train with the instructors for free in order to develop his or her abilities. Student instructors are unpaid.

Apprentice - An entry level instructor who has developed his or her skills as a dancer and as a teacher through volunteering at the student level. He/she is now eligible to be paid for teaching classes. Apprentice level instructors receive $20 per class.

Lead - An experienced instructor who has taught many classes, displays a strong ability to teach and demonstrates outstanding ability as a dancer. Only a select few are given the role of lead instructor. He/she is eligible for profit sharing through a small commission for every student in his or her class. In addition, lead instructors also have the opportunity to teach private lessons. Lead instructors receive $20 per class plus $1 per student.

Scouts - Scouts are instructors who help start-up a new division of business and teach classes during the initial stages. New programs have very few students and require faith and sacrifice to get off the ground. Instructors who help pioneer new programs put in a lot of commitment and may receive little to no financial compensation. These individuals and their entrepreneurial spirit are essential to RiSE's growing success. All the current successful dance programs at RiSE exist today because of these pioneers. Instructors who want to be at the forefront bear the challenges and risks of starting a new venture but also reap the rewards once their efforts have met with success. Instructor scouts can eventually receive $20 per class and $2 per student.

Exhibition Director - Responsible for training and building a exhibition team. They direct the collaborative process behind developing the performance piece. Also finds opportunities for the exhibition team to perform/compete and organizing members of the team to attend these events. Currently we lack the financial resources to compensate a Exhibition Director. I hope to fill in this key position in the near future.


The basic requirements for becoming a paid instructor is to have been a student instructor for a period of time and demonstrate that you are a advanced dancer with good people skills. The budget of the company is also a big factor when it comes to determining how many paid instructors we can have on board. Only the best of the student team will be selected for compensation.

The industry average for part-time dance instructors is $19.88 per hour. We pay our instructors more upfront than any other dance studio.

We hope that what will motivate you is the desire for Mastery as a dancer and instructor. We hold all of our lead instructors to a high level of excellence which include the following characteristics:

- Continues to invest in his or her dance ability by taking workshops and/or classes with reputable dance instructors

- Develop a cult-like following from his or her students who come to the studio to specifically take classes with him or her

- Is actively performing for the R.i.S.E. dance company and represents the company with excellence.

*It's not enough to be a great teacher and just a mediocre dancer. Likewise we don't want excellent dancers and poor teachers. The perfect instructor is both a excellent mover and a excellent communicator.

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